Great News about Genetic Testing!

The genetic test that Angelina Jolie had done that normally runs between $3000 or $4000 will become much cheaper very soon.  The United States Supreme Court has ruled that human genes are not patentable.  This means that the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes that predispose to breast cancer will no longer be monopolized by one company who can charge thousands of dollars for the test, but rather it will be open to competition from other genetic marker companies. You can expect over the next few months that the price will descend thousands of dollars to a few hundred dollars for this test.  At the same time, other less known genetic defects will be tested for in a panel of genetic abnormalities. If you are worried that you have a genetic predisposition for breast cancer because of many members of your family with this disease, I would advise that you wait a few months before you get tested.  Perhaps wait until the end of year since there will be a very rapid shakeout in this industry of testing for genetic abnormalities.

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